sdecosta1 June 23, 2021

A collaborative investigation by Mongabay and The Gecko Project on the latest plantation development controversy within the Papua province has unearthed allegations of falsified permits. There exists a long history of corruption around many Indonesian land deals within the plantation and mining divisions, and this particular controversy involves the legitimacy of land clearing permits for […]

charlietanala June 20, 2021

By Charlie Tanala Climate change-related disruptions, such as more intense extreme weather events and flooding, in Samoa are expected to pose threats to community health, coastal infrastructure, and several other sectors in the Pacific island country in the new decade, researchers said June 8. A report published by the Pacific Islands Regional Climate Assessment highlighted […]

dirtgoat June 13, 2021

Following a seven-year legal battle, the environmental advisory committee of the Solomon Islands overturned Solomon Bauxite Limited’s permit to open a mine on the small island of Wagina in 2019. The proposed plan would have affected 60% of the island and involved clearing 2,000 hectares of forest. An airport would have been built, along with […]

sdecosta1 June 5, 2021

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced on June 1 that the University of Hawaii has been chosen to host NOAA’s Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research (CIMAR). The University of Hawaii has also been awarded up to $210 million by NOAA to be dispersed over a period of five years, with the […]

edenanbar May 31, 2021

Mangroves, which are vital to the safety of Pacific Islanders, are being eliminated by industrial development and drowned by rising sea levels and seawalls. In cases where the mangrove forests aren’t cornered by these environmental threats, they will move inland, along with their wetlands, overcrowding inhabitants of the small Islands. According to a study done […]

sdecosta1 May 30, 2021

Several caves located on the small Indonesian island of Sulawesi, are home to nearly 45,000-year-old rock paintings. These caves contain depictions of animals, outlines of handprints, and assorted symbols, all of which mark the presence of ancestors from long ago. These are some of the oldest recorded cave paintings in the world but climate change […]

sdecosta1 May 30, 2021

The climate-focused organization, The Solutions Project, announced its first Asian American and Pacific Islander Climate Week, which began May 24 and will last until May 30. According to The Solutions Project’s website, “May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Month, which is dedicated to celebrating and recognizing the culture, history, and lasting impact Asian Americans […]

theviolencemap May 29, 2021

Giulia Saravini Lazzarotti May 27th, 2021 The 14th conference about women empowerment and gender-based violence in the Pacific took place from the 27th to the 29th of April in French Polinesia.Another important conference took place right after: the 7th meeting of Pacific Ministers for Women.These were important occasions to talk about the women future in […]