{“en”:”The low-lying island nation, Tuvalu, in the Pacific Ocean is particularly susceptible to higher sea levels caused by climate change.”,”sw”:”Tuvalu ambalo ni taifa la kisiwa kwenye bahari ya Pasifiki liko ukanda wa chini na hatarini zaidi kuzama kut

The United Nations and the Pacific Islands Forum are close partners across the international agenda, as we support your peacebuilding efforts, your implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and so much else. But today I am here to focus on two fundamental challenges for your region and for our world: first, the increasingly severe impacts of climate change, and second, the deepening threats to the world’s oceans and seas. As you know all too well, the Pacific region is on the frontline of climate change. That means you are also our important allies in the fight against it In the days ahead, I will also visit Tuvalu and Vanuatu. I am here to see the region’s climate pressures firsthand, and to learn about the work being undertaken by communities here in Fiji and elsewhere to bolster resilience.