Boys in the water: Alex King highlights Cook Islands ocean champions

Cook Islands: Peter Marsters shares his love for the ocean with Alex King, a Cook Islands nature and cultural photographer whose series ‘Boys in the water’ highlights CI men and their relationship with the water.

She wrote: “Three months ago my friend and I had an idea that raided our minds about creating a series of photographs that involve some of the guys on our island. Now the base of this for me was about reminding a community of people about the perception we tend to create without really knowing somebody. Every one of us have something great to add to our communities. The second thought in mind was that I photograph a lot of women and transpire these stories and images into empowering our Vaine toa. Why not create a feature that empowers our men. These guys add value to our society, that we probably wouldn’t often think of, but they have knowledge about our waters and respect for our oceans and I believe that alone is empowering.”

King shares that her partner John Young whose love for the ocean inspired her to start the series that inspired the work.

“I assure too, none of them have really done something like this, or had been in-front of the camera like this before, so for most of them this was the first time, even though it doesn’t look like it and it sparked a few nerves. I was surprised when I got a yes from any of them to being apart of this and I’m forever grateful to each one of them for stepping in the lime light. They’re all unique in their own ways, but of course they all have one thing in common. Their passion and love for our ocean. The stories of each person creates the perspective that even though we have a string of talented guys in our midst, we all too come from different backgrounds, and share different experiences.”

Captain Tama. (Photo by Alex King Photography, Cook Islands)

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