Proposed gas station a potential health hazard for RLS Primary School students

picffffThe proposed gas station currently being constructed opposite the Robert Louis Stevenson Primary School in Lotopa has the potential to impact the health of over 400 students.

According to some parents of students at the school – they were not consulted about the gas station.

“I cannot believe that this has gone ahead without my knowledge as a parent,” one parent said who did not want to be named. According to him he is concerned about the safety of his children once the gas station is operational.

Apart from a higher concentration of traffic around the area – the potential impacts of health hazards of chemicals from cars have been well established by scientific studies – and these include automotive oils and fluids which have been proven harmful to the environment, and when they leak, they contaminate the ground, air and waterways, causing health hazards to humans.

The construction of the gas station has the potential of exposing the RLS Primary children to automotive oils and fluids.

According to published research – engine coolant in car radiator contains ethylene glycol, a chemical that can cause serious damage to the nervous system of humans and animals in moderate to high exposures.  While modern coolants contain bitter-tasting agents (behavior deterrents) to keep pets and children from drinking them, any coolant leaks can work their way into the ground and waterways, causing serious damage to plants and animals.
Transmission fluids when leaked have also been known to stay on the ground for a long time. According to research when transmission fluid breaks down in the sun, hydrocarbons are released into the air. These chemical compounds can affect breathing in humans and contribute to air pollution.


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