Environmental data for decision making highlighted in Apia

More than 20 regional data officers and experts from environmental Ministries from across the Pacific are in Samoa this week as part of a data for decision making project by the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP).

The Inform Project which assists 14 countries in the Pacific to manage environmental data through the use of country-specific data portals is this week going through a review meeting at Sheraton in Apia.

Opened by the Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ulu Bismarck Crawley he acknowledged the current mid-term review of the Inform project. “Information is expensive, it needs resources to compile information, but more importantly is to ensure this information is being used. We acknowledge the substantive technical assistance and services including tools and capacity building developed and delivered by the Inform Project Team and SPREP. These have helped in building the foundation for better data management allowing for better use of the information,” said Ulu.
Jochem Zoetelief, United Nations Environment Programme Senior Programme Officer applauded the launch of 14 national data portals and the training of government officers in using the portals and State of the Environment Reporting.

According to SPREP – the Inform Project is also part of the Pacific Data Hub developed by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community.

According to Project Manager Alofa Paul Anderson – they key objective of the project is the use of environmental data and information for multilateral environment agreements (MEAs) and Sustainable Development Goals reporting, policies, planning and action on the ground. 68820602_2351572374919196_7561678924090966016_n.jpgAccording to SPREP a key product being produced under the Inform Project is the Indicator Reporting Tool, which provides a streamlined method to use and re-use the datasets in the national portals for reporting and planning. The reporting tool will link environmental indicators to key reporting requirements including the State of Environment (SoE), Multilateral Environmental Agreements, Sustainable Development Goals, SAMOA Pathway and National Sustainable Development Plans. Alofa said the Indicator Reporting Tool will be launched this week at the regional meeting.

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