Airline passenger numbers show Samoa Airways leading

Related imageThe Samoa Bureau of Statistics International Arrival Statistics June 2019 released today – records Samoa Airways as the leading passenger carrier with 8,933 passengers for the month of June 2019.
Air New Zealand placed second with 6,502 passengers and Fiji Airways brought in 2,521.
Virgin Australia is recorded to have brought in 1,978 and Talofa Airways brought in 926 passengers in that time.
Travel experts however note that the high numbers of passengers flying on Samoa Airways do not indicate that they would earn more.
“Compare the ticket prices between Samoan Airways and Air New Zealand and it’s easy to see that even with just a 1000 pax for June, Air New Zealand could still easily make a lot more in terms of profits over Samoa Airways,” said one Apia based travel agent.

[Data Source: Samoa Bureau of Statistics]

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